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[SCRIPT] Linkify

Postby p455w0rd » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:38 am

Ever go to a web page and there's a link in plain text to a file that you want to download. If you copy and paste, this downloads to the default download directory. Now there may be a built in way to do this, but I figure I wasted the same amount of time writing this little piece of code as I would have spending time looking up a built-in method.

For this I am using Google Chrome, so your results may vary, but I imagine this should work on any of the top 10 browsers.

So click the star or whatever you normally do to add a bookmark, then click the edit link. change the name to something like "JavaScript Linkify". Then enter the following code as the url:

javascript:var a=prompt('Type a url:','http://');var n=document.open();n.write(''+a+'');

When when the page with the link loads, right-click click "Save target as..."


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