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Install Wii U Backups on a USB Drive using HomeBrew - v5.5.3

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:17 am
by MattMan

!!!! READ THIS !!!! The first time you start the program uTikDownloadHelper you need to answer its question with the following answer:

View this image for more help with uTikDownloadHelper: ... Helper.png

The games in red in uTikDownloadHelper will only work on a signature-patched home menu (iosuhax or redNAND both work).

I forgot to add this in my video sorry!!

-------------- DOWNLOADS ------------

You should only download and install backups of Wii U games that you already own! This method shown here is for a Wii U running 5.5.1

Everything you need for this hack
Homebrew Launcher v1.4
WUP Installer v1.3
is included in this one package.

Download them all at once from here - ... d=WiiUhack

!!!! UPDATE !!!! IF this method does not work any longer. Try this. It doesn't use uTikDownloadHelper to download games instead you download them manually.

UPDATE!! If your on firmware 5.5.2 or 5.5.3 replace the website with and click on Exploit if loadiine is giving you problems.

I really like this method as it's not invasive to the Wii U meaning your not installing any hacked files to the Wii U. Your Wii U remains clean!