How To: Softmod Your Wii On 4.1 And Under (even LU64)

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How To: Softmod Your Wii On 4.1 And Under (even LU64)

Postby MattMan » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:52 am

UBER SOFT-MOD GUIDE (For all Wii's currently available as of July 2009)

DISCLAIMERS: {dFb} and it's people are not responsible for any harm made to your system by using this guide.This works on all wii's to get them modded HOWEVER, on LU64 and newer wii's DO NOT use downgraders or anything that alters IOS files besides what's in this guide "CIOS installers" and "New IOS files from games released in 2009". (This may cause a brick)

Korean Wii Warning - This guide and any current guides DO NOT work on Korean Wii's, these Wii's work slightly different to the JAP/USA/EUR Wii's, as soon as there is a method available will make a guide especially for them but right now you will get an error using the HackMii installer.

LU64+ Wii's - This guide works but after you have modded DO NOT downgrade any IOS files or install older ones (Cioscorp) as this may Brick your wii. It is suggested that once you have done all the hacks that you install bootmii and make a nand backup.

WHAT YOU NEED: -If you don't have the Homebrew Channel or Bootmii, download BannerBomb from HERE. (Grab the newest The UBER package from Megaupload OR Mediafire OR TURDinc (Look for file UBER.rar in the Nintendo section).

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Drag the contents of the UBER.rar to your SD Card.***Skip steps 2-7 if you already have the Homebrew Channel and Bootmii.2. Drag the contents of the to your SD Card.3. Load into the Wii's Data Management, choose Channel's, then SD.5. It will the ask to load the boot.dol press A. (if it freezes, go to the bannerbomb site and get the next file available, continue until it works). 6. You are now in the BootMii installer......all we need is to install HomeBrew Channel but feel free to install the rest as it won't hurt.7. When done exit to system menu.8. Open HBC (homebrew channel)9. Run Trucha Bug Restorer.---9-1. Press B for no IOS reload.---9-2. Choose downgrade IOS15.---9-3. It'll do it's thing.---9-4. Then press a button to exit.10. Run Trucha Bug Restorer from homebrew channel.---10-1. Choose IOS15 and press A. (Important)---10-2. Wait till it says Press 1 then press it.---10-3. Choose IOS36 menu. In there use these settings:------10-3-1. Install IOS to slot (249)------10-3-2. Hash check (trucha) YES------10-3-3. ES_Identity YES------10-3-4. Nand Permissions YES---10-4. Then press A on install patched IOS36, let it do it's thing and exit when it's done.11. Open wad manager in homebrew channel---11-1. When it opens choose use IOS249 (it is probably already set to that)---11-2. Press A to open from SD12. Now install NEOR6.wad, IOS60.wad, and exit.13. Open Trucha Bug Restorer from homebrew channel.---13-1. Choose IOS249 and press A---13-2. Wait till it says Press 1 then press it---13-3. Then Choose restore IOS15.---13-4. Let it do it's thing, exit when done.14. Open Homebrew Channel and run the CIOSrev13-a installer---14-1. Choose CIOS249 and then WAD install and press A---14-2. Let it run and when it's done you are done with the guide.15. You may now wipe your SD Card and start using the Wii, have fun :)You now have a fully hacked Wii with the following:Homebrew Channel, Bootmii (if you installed), CIOS Rev 13-a, NeoGamma Backup Launcher R6, Patched IOS60 and whatever Firmware you are on.If you want USB LOADER look HERE on how to install that.

THANKS:Comex for the BannerBomb exploit.WiiPower for the Trucha Bug Restorer.Waninkoko for CIOS and Wad Manager.Team Twiizers for Bootmii Installer.

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