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PS3 Latest Softwares

Postby the_w0rd » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:49 am

I'll update this post as devs release updates to their software

3.56 Homebrew
Coming soon...

3.55 Homebrew

-LogJam Intelligent Log Stealthing
-Gaia Manager v2.06

Rogero Manager v7.9c w/LV2 Patch v5 (same as v6 minus an icon):
-Waninkoko/Kmeaw (Stealth)
-Wutangrza/Geohot (Stealth)

MultiMAN v1.14.00
-Geohot/Waninkoko MEGA pack
-Kmeaw MEGA pack
-All versions BASE (no covers/themes)

-EraseMe v1.1
-FBANext GBA Emulator v2.0r417
-SNES9x PS3 v4.4.4

Windows Apps
Killahs PS3 AIO Tool Beta v2
PS3 Game Ripper v3.1 (also downsizes backups by removing uneeded language files)
Custom Firmware Maker 1.2
Custom Firmware Maker 1.3 update
PS3 Game Updater v1.1
Lua Player (pkg needs to be installed on PS3-is a Lua interperator for PS3!)
PS3 Splitter (If you use external NEED this for games bagger than 4GB..this only works with Gaia manager)
FAT32 Formatter (for drives 32GB+)

I you have software you would like added/updated, PM me and I'll add/update it.
(need NES emu..and the multi machine emu..forget where I got 'em)


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