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Tweaks GFX

Postby thepostman » Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:48 pm

Found this info :

Tweak Windows and ALL Graphics drivers

Postby Dr.Flay » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:00 pm
After you have read the thread on tweaking your UT settings, you may well want to tweak your Windows driver settings.
Here is a list of the extras you can use to unlock the power of your graphics card.

nVidia users should install nVidia's own "System Tools" package for access to extra motherboard and GFX options (very useful for nForce motherboards).
Find ideal settings for your nVidia card.

ATI users should get ATItool
Check the beta forum link for the newer version
Or ATI Tray (Access more options than you can believe!) ... Tray_Tools
Or get GPUTool

Both nVidia and ATI users can also use RivaTuner

If you have a laptop, or a card that you cannot install new generic drivers from nVidia or ATI (only the manufactures old installers work).
Then you NEED the "Mobility Modder" utility.
nVidia -

If you don't have an nVidia or an ATI card, or even have an ancient GFX with no modern support, then do not worry I have the tool for you :highfive:
PowerStrip (Actually, you should all get this one anyway)
Pre-historic GFX chips can also be configured with version v2.78 (95/98/NT/2000).
*3dfx, Number Nine, Cirrus Logic, Rendition, S3, and Tseng Labs.

Cacheman - You can use it for free, but the auto-optimise is disabled. It will give you a dynamic drive caching system. Access to many windows registry options. and (my personal holy grail) memorised task priority settings. The context sensitive help file in this prog will teach you more windows info than you can believe!

Speedfan - This totally free tool allows you to change your bus speed via software (If you get it wrong, just reboot and everything is back to normal) in increments of 1 MHz! You set a "High speed" and a "normal/low speed". You can literally over-clock your PC to within 1MHz of it's life :wtf:
This does not seem to upset UT the same way as hardware based variable processor speed changes :tu:
NOTE: severe overclocking can slow your PC instead of speeding it up!

SpeederXP - This is an odd tool. As far as I can tell, this seems to adjust the timing of Windows instead of hardware, and can unlock insane speeds from your PC.
It may well play havoc with UT's timing, so don't push the slider all the way up. The site seems to have had a dodgy history, but I can find no issue with the actual software, and I have used it occasionally for 3 or 4 years.

Xteq X-Setup - The mother of all tweak utillities! This prog is now totally free as the parent company closed, but it provides an unbeatable interface and framework for tweaking windows and other software. All the scripts are viewable/editable. You can even make your own (some UT specific tweaks could be easily created for example)

Autopatcher - Get all Micro$oft (and more :wink: ) updates in an offline installation package, that will install updates without the need of registration or WPA or WGA (Great for system admins like me).

PC Decrapifier - You have a laptop full of stupid utilities supplied by the manufacturer, but don't know what you can get rid of ? Then visit this site.

SlimWare Utilities Good alternative to PC Decrapifier. These use cloud based decision making. Also the driver updater is worth checking out.

jv16 PowerTools - The only registry cleaner worth downloading. I have been using this prog since its previous incarnation of "Regcleanr", way back on Win95. It is simply the best. It will do far more than just clean your registry ! ... rison2010/ - comparison with 176 other products :wink:

Auslogics Disk Defrag - Excellent free and pro disc defrag utility.

Defraggler and CCleaner - Excellent free disc defrag and clean-up tools

System Ninja - Another excellent system tweaker and remover of unwanted files. Also makers of CCEnhancer.

A very common issue I find on home-made PC's that I have to fix, is a lack of "Chipset divers".
Your motherboards chipset drivers are extremely important for stability and full speed. These drivers should always be installed before your GFX and sound card drivers (The compatibility drivers installed during Windows installation will not do).
If you do not know what chipset your PC uses, then you can use PC Wizard to look inside your machine.
PC Wizard - See what is inside your PC, even if the drivers are not installed (it's like a small free SiSoft Sandra).

Overclocking and tweaking downloads and info at Guru3D

I keep this list maintained on ... ak-windows where you will find further information on effective drive usage.
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