Screensavers: Completely Useless?

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Screensavers: Completely Useless?

Postby 0skillz » Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:42 pm

I know I'm not the only AV type geek running around here. Plenty of us know what screen burn-in is. I've seen people around the internet make the comment that screensavers on LCD panels are completely useless... that LCDs don't suffer from burn-in. They are wrong.

I used to work for a large electronics retailer. I've seen LCD viewfinders from display model camcorders (they were on for 12+ hours a day every day the store was open) with what I assumed were permanently burned numbers... my own camcorders never suffered that kind of abuse but I bet if I left one on long enough without the counter changing I would have seen something like burn-in. The reason it happened on the display camcorders is because the numbers never changed. Normally if you are playing back a tape or recording the numbers change and it'll never be an issue under normal operation. With computers though... Windows at least... there are elements of the interface that never change or move and depending on other conditions could result in some image burn-in even on LCDs. Enough of my rambling... here's a link: ... BurnIn.htm

The screensaver I use:

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