My Biquad 2.4ghtz Antenna Test...

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My Biquad 2.4ghtz Antenna Test...

Postby Dr_Z » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:03 am

I have tested my Biquad antenna to see if it really works.
For those who haven't seen it, here it is.

I still don't have the connectors to connect the antenna to my WiFi card or Router.
So you ask yourself, "How did he test it?" I tested it with a Wireless 2.4ghtz Camera.
The Wireless camera only has a working distance of 150 feet with the standard receivers
antenna as long as the camera is in "Line of Sight"
(witch means, No obstructions like: Walls, Trees, and any other thing that gets in the way.)

I connected my Biquad antenna to the wireless camera's receiver and went for a walk.
While on the walk, i had an application running on my computer to make a movie.
The movie didn't turn out so well because every so often I would disconnect the camera
from the battery to conserve battery life as the battery was almost dead.
From the movie, i made some screen caps for you to see.

My Test results:

Distance from antenna 35 feet:

Distance from antenna, 140 feet:

Distance from antenna, 320 feet:

Distance from antenna, 650 feet:

Final distance from antenna, 900+ feet:

As you can see, My antenna works well on the 2.4ghz wave.
One thing you have to take into consideration is, My antenna was not in "Line of Sight" at all...
The Antenna is in my basement and I tired to stay in the direction of where it was pointing to...

Now i can't wait to get the connectors for my WiFi card and Router to test it on them.

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