Redirect issue that seems to only affect vctf ( linux dedicated server )

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Redirect issue that seems to only affect vctf ( linux dedicated server )

Postby anitahummer342 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:07 pm

Hey everyone.

I was curious If anyone has encountered an issue where redirects are very slow for vctf and vctf only. I set up several ut3 servers on a host I have ( server 1 )

each instance with it's own ip address. They all use the same redirect which is located on another server I have ( server 2 ) . The weird thing is that the redirect

works fine for all of the game types I have, except the vctf server. I've ran diffs ( syntax is the same ), wgets, greps and all kinds of other things trying to determine

what may be causing the issue. There is nothing standing out. The wgets are fast but, but to no avail the redirect doesn't work on vctf. If I set AllowDownloads to

False under [IpDrivBlahBlahBlah] and restart the process for vctf, it won't let me connect so I know it's not even using/reaching the redirect. I find it extremely odd

that It would only affect vctf.

To prove my theory, I set up a vctf server from scratch on server 2 and had the same issue pulling from a redirect I created on server 1.

I've scoured to the best of my knowledge, any forums looking for clues, but have come up empty handed. I'm hoping one of you fine people might be able to shed some light on this issue.

p.s. Some of us are playing again. Were usually on Friday and Saturday night in one of the warfare servers. and i miss the dfb vctf server.


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Redirect issue that seems to only affect vctf ( linux dedicated server )

Postby emac » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:41 pm

This is a really late reply but...

I've never had any issue with our redirect when we had a VCTF server. We ran both the game server and the redirect web server on Linux or Windows (or a mix and match). Never had an issue. The game server on Linux had its own issues but it's unrelated to the redirect.

I'd check the web server logs to see if you're even getting requests from clients for VCTF maps. If you're getting requests then it's probably not a game server config issue. The maps are much larger than regular DM or CTF maps so they will take longer to download but I assume you already considered that.

I remember your name in VCTF back in the day. I guess I'll load the game up when I get a chance!

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