I would very much like to join the DFB clan

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I would very much like to join the DFB clan

Postby iCQ » Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:54 am

This is a true and fair warning to all the members of the dFb clan. One of the leaders (mattmannn the gayisch screaming local retard carwash boy) will abuse your property to his likings. he crosses lines that we normal people would not cross.

In essence: do not use the same password on dFb services as u use on other non dFb services.

Sure i can show script kiddy firewall logs from his lame actions. But i can also show u a simple screenshot on how mattman will retrieve YOUR PERSONAL PASSWORD from the forum to abuse your other property somewhere else (all recorded and ready to be mailed2laywers once he becomes a millionaire (not in a million years).


Have fun and merry xmas to all good decent and brave dFb members (there are not a lot around).

Of course the truth will be to harse to handle for other members so this post willl be deleted soon. Nevertheless u will be able to google it and find it on other websites in other game communities... as people have the right to know how imbecil your leader is.

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