Perixx MX-2000 Gaming Mouse

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Perixx MX-2000 Gaming Mouse

Postby promethieus » Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:11 am

This is my first time being a tester.

Having had some quite expensive input devices in the past, I was very pleased to receive the MX-2000, from Perixx, to test out.

The mouse arrived in great condition, well packaged, well presented and what a nice design of packaging too.

On opening, I was very pleased with the quality of the mouse, alot of thought has been put into it's design.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Braided Cord, very nice touch, which means that the cord will not tangle as others do.

The layout of the mouse is very good indeed, I have Big hands so I needed a mouse that can fit properly.

The button configuration and positioning is very good indeed, everything is just in the right place for easy and professional control during use.

The main thing when using a mouse for gaming is that it must be able to move accurately and easily and be precise especially when in the heat of battle a headshot, is the desired outcome.

I have tried with and without the weights in the mouse and must say that without them control is hard, but with them it is a Game Changer.

The VERY high DPI is a very welcomed addition, this comes in really handy when switching roles, weapons or tactics during a game, but I have to admit, when using higher DPI settings, it really makes you play harder.

The light effects from the mouse is a nice touch, it shows off the quality of the mouse and makes the mouse look "Alive", the colors of the light effect is also easily changed via the button, which is again within easy reach and just a click away to make it Green, Blue or Red.

The DPI light indicators are a good addition too as this lets you know where you are with your settings and the DPI adjustment button is within easy reach to change when needed.

It is really good to see that designers and developers have placed the Laser in the center of the mouse, this lets you benefit from the precise positioning that this allows, this also enables the mouse to be used on various surfaces due to the quality of the laser used in it's build.

Programming the mouse via the software is really easy, even for a Noob, it allows the configuration of all the buttons to specific tasks or functions.

Easy to understand selections allow for various profiles to be created and switching profiles is also easy to do.

X Y axis is a really great addition and easy to select which comes in handy. Also the scroll feature is excellent also allowing for the scroll speed to be set.

All in all a very worthy product, well thought out, well designed, with Gamers in mind, soo impressed with this, I will be looking at what other products they have, like their Keyboards and Mouse Pads and especially the Drawing Tablets.

I have been very impressed by this company and would recommend their products to all Gamers and Pc Users, having had many different devices before, I can honestly say that this company has come soo far in such a short space of time, they are one of the few that actually takes note of what the consumer wants and needs and then the product is produced the way it is needed.

Well done Perixx you have rocked my world and my Frags.

Many Thanks for a wonderful experience from myself {dFb}PromETHieus and Clan {dFb}

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