-]NBK[- GOLDEN Cup 2011

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-]NBK[- GOLDEN Cup 2011

Postby VeyronX » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:57 am

-]NBK[- GOLDEN Cup 2011


Along with teams such as {ESG}, [RSA], [DoC] and many others -]NBK[- has decided to host their own cup , -]NBK[- Sniping Cup 2011.

The basic idea was to bring the community closer and therefore we have decided to make this in a way that suits every team out there.

We want to present this cup as an Active Camping TDM Cup with well organized and refereed matchs that will start as a Qualification Match
to decide the teams filling in 4 groups of 4 teams.
Once the groups have been created and the games have been played, we move into the Gold and Silver Competition.
The 2 best ranked teams from the group progress into the Gold Competition, whilst the other 2 teams progress into the Silver Competition,
so every team has a chance at winning something, which benefits team's with early departures from the cup.

More of the info is yet to follow but we hope and would love to see your team taking place in the Cup fighting for one of the trophies!
Above all we hope everything goes in the right manner, so by that we will not tolerate any kind of bad language and abusement, this includes insulting also.

This community is far from what it used to be and we all have to contribute to make it go on for a long time!

Only The Strongest Survive
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Postby VeyronX » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:57 am

The -]NBK[-GOLDEN-Cup January 14th 2011


For this Cup we will make some details different.

2-way Cup
We want to make 3 competitions. That means there will actually be 2 Cups in 1.

First we make the Classify Competition to find the the Top Teams for the Gold Competition.
Lower placed Teams will join the Silver Competition, and by that they are still able to play finals.


Who can register?
Every Team (does'nt have to be a Clan) can register. One Player can even be on the 2 Team

For Example



How to register?
Write down your Tag & Team, TeamCaptain, 2 reffs and the players.Choose 6 of your favorite maps.
Those maps have to be accepted by the Cup admins and therefore installed on the servers. 1 on 1 Maps, PunkyMaps and too small maps will NOT be accepted.


-]NBK[- Natural Born Killers

Ivan -]NBK[-*VeyronX* (TeamCaptain + reff)
Ivan -]NBK[-***ivo*** (reff)
Ivica -]NBK[-*Prc~cro*


Game Rules
no norunmod (movements allowed even through the whole map, but only to get into your spot)
That means!
no assault
no hunting
We dont tolerate!
-- spawnkill
-- close revenge
-- hiding (scope for the map),hiding is lame! Isn't it?
-- teleporter camping, camp on teleporter is even more lame! Isn't it?
-- lift camping, camp on lift even more lame too! Isn't it?[/color]
-- base camping (not more than 2 players in the same place), use the whole map!
-- image drop

first rulebreak --- only a Warning for the whole Team
second rulebreak --- 3 frags penelty
third rulebreak --- 5 frags penalty
forth rulebreak --- map forfeit

Server / ServerSettings
We will host Servers in Europe and for our US friends we also will host a Server in USA. How to choose the Server in a match, please look here "Which Server you play?"

Gamespeed Here you can vote!
NBKCamping Rifle
Spawnprotetion 7 sec
HeadShotBonus + 1 frag + 20 health
Health, Armor, Deemer Here you can vote!

Try it out

Work with us!
The NBK-GOLDEN-CUP, the golden middle!

We want to make everybody happy and we try to find the golden middle.

Work with us and vote for your favorite!
Let's work on the forum about all the Cup details.Feel free to discuss about what we can do
better before the cup starts, so we dont argue about it during or after the cup.

Here you can vote for the Gamespeed on the Server
Here you can vote for Health, Armor and Deemer in the Game
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Postby Bitch_Killer » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:45 am

No bad language? Why the fuck not?

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Postby thepostman » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:20 pm

Looking forward to the NBK cup and should have more then enough players for the tournament . Good games to all clans involved and good fun .Win , lose or draw {dFb} will be there.
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Postby Toxic » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:26 pm

thepostman wrote: {dFb} will be there.

merockon2 with bells on!!!!

{dFb}Clan Next Matches


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