Do you have what it takes to win the tournament?

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Do you have what it takes to win the tournament?

Postby FTB_Hypia » Sat Aug 12, 2006 4:19 pm

As part of FTB’s continual fight to keep UT99 alive your clan is invited to participate in *FTB* clans 2v2 CTF binslayer tournament. The tournament will open on the 2nd of September 2006.

The tournament will take place on FTB’s second server (Buzzkills House of Hard Hitters). A map list will be pre-selected. Each team will select one desired map from the list each and the tournament admins will selected a mutual 3rd map to be played each game. The tournament rules are as follows:

• Each map will be the best of 3 CTF maps played.
• Server IP:
• Capture limit will be 5 caps.
• No spawn killing, or flag camping.
• All 3 maps will be played as points/flag captures will determine league position.
• Flag defending is allowed but players must be in motion at all times.
• Failure to show within 15 minutes of the time designated for you match to start will result in a no show forfeit.
• Each clan submit a maximum of 7 players for the tournament designating one as captain.
• Reschedules must be brought to the attention of a tournament admin 48 hours prior to your match start.
• Points in the pool stages will be based on flag caps. So every cap counts!
• A player leader board will also be placed to see who top dog is in the tournament. The stats from smartctf will be the basis of ranking on this leader board.
• There will be one admin spectating each match to ensure fairplay and to take screenshots and stats.

The aim is to get a minimum of 12 teams to participate in the tournament. That being the case teams will be pooled into groups of three. Once every team in the individual pools have played each other the top clan will advance through to the quarter finals. The teams in second place will go into a runner up table to play for positioning. And lastly the bottom clans in each pools position will be determined by points and frags collective to work out positioning.

Tournament structure will be determined once teams have been submitted.

Match timings and pools will be distributed once teams have been entered. The closing date for entry is the 25th of August 2006.

Please email me or catch me on msn with clan team details.
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i would like to be in the clan battles

Postby Ck » Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:51 pm

i would like to be in the clan battles

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