{dFb} UT99 UK Server is alive and well

All information regarding our UT99 server. Plus General discussion related to the game.
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{dFb} UT99 UK Server is alive and well

Postby promethieus » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:18 am

Well guys, soo far, soo good, after the first few days of teething issues with the UK server, it is now running smoothly, I have been playing on it for the last day or so and it has been getting populated quite well indeed, I have been quite surprised , there is a nice UK and European following still there.

I hope to see this continue, as a clan we could have alot of fun on Both our Servers, but please do not forget "Our Roots" . The US server is not to be forgotten about, It was put up for those members that live in the UK like myself, for times when our fellow Comerades are either Asleep, because of our time difference, or because we are all having fun on the US server, to the point where it is full and we want to have a Kill Fest.

So please bear this in mind when you play on the UK server, our US family Clan still need our involvement and so we should hop on the US server when ever we can .

If you have any suggestions, concerns or just general constructive comments about how the server runs or maps, or whatever, please post in here, or come into Teamspeak and Talk to us, we will see what we can do to accomodate.

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