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Postby Dr-Flay » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:33 am

Good morn-noon-eve-ning.

The Doctor is in the house.
All Unreal related games will be covered whenever possible.

I don't have much experience with UT3, as I prefer my Unreal with Chaos.
UT2K4 is my fave for total mix and match, but I spend more time with the 99 crowd, and since installing the Unreal 227i patch, I've started porting maps back and forth between the old U1 games.

The HD weapons pack and Ballistics blood mod for Unreal are freakin' awesome.
But playing Unreal in UT with the NW3 weapons has been such a blast.

You can find pictures of the new combinations of goodies for the old games at "Your Unreal"

eg. Unreal SP with Hi-res textures, NW3, Thievery mod, zombies, and the ENB bloom mod

There are resource pages for all the Unreal games, and Linux and Mac are catered for whenever possible.

There is a "Grave-robbing" section, where old dead sites have been resurrected.
There are many treasure-chests of goodies and tutorials still findable.
Requests can be left in the comments.

You don't have to join to leave comments or use the shout-box, but members do get 2GB of their own organisable storage space.
Oh yeah. no ads :D

You will find the worlds largest Unreal news source all on 1 page. Fed dynamically via RSS news feeds, it is always bang up to date.

You will mind me most often at or over at Captain Hook's pirate ship.
That is also where you will most likely find me in-game, as I love Hook's pirate 'deemer mods.
He's just installed MrLoathsome's MoreGore2 mod. Mmmmm chunky :twisted:

Looking forward to Feralidragon's new gore mod though, as that looks mind-blowing!

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