Dicks in the world!

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Dicks in the world!

Postby thepostman » Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:06 pm

Hey there are many dicks in the world to day and I think you all have a little dick in you ! So go Dick Off you Pussy Ass Dick Heads!

If It wern't for us dick heads in the world you cum spots would not be here!

Best to ya dicks! Frag your asses in the game!

(If you read this post Top Gun--- I need Bitch Boy for the weekend If your wife is done whipin him with your dick---dickhead!!!!!!!!!! Love ya man! Long time no see dude! Bring Suey Boy over next time ya come ! Miss Him too!) If you don't read This Top------The Hell with your French canadian ASS! :twisted:

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