YOU are the reason games suck and will continue to get worse

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YOU are the reason games suck and will continue to get worse

Postby 0skillz » Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:41 am

Linus' rant here is the truth. Stop paying for fucked up shit and maybe things will get better... oh wait YOU CAN'T STOP JUST THROWING MONEY AT SHIT GAMES! WHY?!

Assholes... I feel like I'm one of the only people who still doesn't like Steam. Direct2Drive was pretty cool and I bought from them (no client, no DRM, dust digital downloads) up until Gamefly bought them out and turned it into another game management client (designed to take rights away from the end user) and storefront along the lines of Steam. Now you have Origin for EA games, Ubisoft has their own client/manager/storefront and there's probably other examples that i can't think of because i just don't accept or deal with that bullshit... and it is only going to get worse as far as your rights and game experiences go UNLESS YOU STOP SUPPORTING THIS SHIT!

I remember when COD took away private servers. I never bought another COD game. EA is a piece of shit company that has shit on, raped, and pillaged developer after developer ruining just about every game franchise they've published along the way... I stopped buying EA games a long time ago and I REGRET giving them and their piece of shit malware Origin a chance last year when they released the new Sim City because i essentially paid for the privilige of getting fucked in the ass without even a reach around.

Fuck all of you for ruining games and supporting shitty business models and shady companies... at least now I know there's someone else out there that gets it.

And some wonder how and why Minecraft is so damned popular... LOL... Minecraft has DRM in the form of a login server you need to sign into before you play (bad but unobtrusive DRM for the most part) but you can run your own servers and it's infinitely modifiable for FREE.

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