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Postby 0skillz » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:16 pm

After joining the anime themed social network GaiaOnline as MoldyLunchbox in 2006, Wayne
created a character named Boxxy, a highly energetic and excitable girl with heavy black eyeliner
and animated facial expressions. She made a YouTube video for another Gaia member 4DD1
featuring the character which lay dormant for months until December 27th 2008, when it was shared
on I-Am-Bored.

While her original videos were taken down, they were reuploaded to the YouTube account
boxxybabee on January 8th, 2009.

On January 9th, 2009, Boxxy uploaded another video titled “FOAR EVERYWUN FROM BOXXYâ€Â￾
addressing the /b/ community and the threads she had seen or participated in.


This was the birth of the first Queen of the Internets.

The presence of the videos was divisive on 4chan, with factions claiming to either support or
oppose Boxxy, leading to various flame wars and hacking incidents. This led to a denial of service
attack on 4chan itself, shutting the site down for several hours. Participants went elsewhere,
launching a "Twitter bomb" that May. On YouTube, the popular Boxxy channel was hacked and the
source's identity outed. A number of spoofs, parody videos, and remixes were posted throughout
the web.

Anyone with half a brain knew from this point on that Boxxy was THE Queen of the Interwebs.

this line indicates the passage of much time... #dealwithit

Rebecca Black is an amateur YouTube musician who soared into the public eye for her music video
“Friday.â€Â￾ The music video was first uploaded via YouTube on February 10th, 2011, but it didn’t gain
viral momentum until a month later when the popular The Daily What posted the video on March 11th,

Friday has been the source of many, many, MANY lulz ever since... Rebecca took it in stride, kept a
sense of humor about it to the point of making fun of herself in other videos on sites other than

One of the best things to come out of Friday, in my opinion, was this gem... Brock's Dub!

On December 7, 2013, Rebecca Black released a new song called Saturday... no really, she did...
seriously, you can not make this shit up.

That must have been one hell of a Friday night... I don't know WTF I would do if I went to sleep on a
Friday flat-chested and woke up the next Saturday with a pair of C cups.

On December 9, 2013, Dr_Z ignored the links to this new, amazing song by Rebecca Black. So I
went to her youtube channel page to find other videos and discover one that wasn't fucking terrible
and completely stupid. I presnt you with Rebecca Black's cover of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball:

Honestly... THAT'S NOT FUCKING BAD! It's definitely better than what Miley Cyrus did with that
song... And if Dr_Z had not ignored me I probably would not have seen it. As I type this, that shitty
Saturday song has been on youtube for 2 days and already has 11,000,000 views, while the
Wrecking Ball cover has been up for a month and has not hit 500,000 views yet.

Come on internet, we're better than that! GIVE REBECCA A CHANCE!

As of December 9, 2013, I proclaim Rebecca Black to be the

And Dr_Z is going to regret ignoring my links...

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