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Postby Katana » Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:23 am

Jimmyzzzzzz How ya been? I'm working on it. Just don't have the time.
When I do its too late, im still behind 2 to 3 hours from everyone else.
It's hard to get on early anymore with the kids getting so big. Thought I'd
have more time when they get older but its' just the opposite.

Zilla you'll always be Creepshow to me Bud. And No you can't jerk off to my voice ever again.
You make too much noise while doing it and it is embarassing. The moaning and Groaning
is just annoying and then the SHAAAAZZZZZZAAAAMMMMMEEEE when your done? It's just ear piercing and makes my ears ring. NO NO NO.

POSTY POSTY POSTY. How things going with you?
Love to talk with you. I am working on getting my mic working on the new hard drive.
anyone know how to get this thing to recognize a microphone? I got a bad virus on my other hard drive so I have to switch to this one. I can't get rid of it, it just keep coming back.
I did try calling you on your cell but it wouldn't go through. DID YOU BLOCK ME?
Just kidding. I do try to keep in touch.

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