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{dFb} Misc. Articles : {dFb} Clan: F.E.A.R. Division CLOSED
{dFb} Misc. Articles


REASON: inactive
By {dFb}Mace | Sunday, June 3, 2007


The sound of keys taping away furiously on a keyboard, rapid mouse clicks, shouting commands through a headset at other team mates, staring at your computer screen while another world develops on it. You have the reflexes of a cat, the hand eye coordination of the best baseball player, and the precision of a machine. You know your enemy's moves, you know the route he will take to get where he is going, and you know how to defeat him. You're a Professional Video Game Player, and we want you.

The recently established F.E.A.R. division is having immediate openings for the clan. With over glaring popularity and more activity arising, we feel that this group can be a real backbone for itself and the clan of {dFb}. We will interact closely with new applicants before adding them into our future TWL teams and roster. Help us make a difference in the division and be apart of one of the most exclusive clans that are gaming today. We are an equal opportunity clan that does not discriminate against anyone and their background. If you feel you can be dedicated to a professional clan and its members, contact one of the clan leaders in the main forum, or myself {dFB}Mace in the F.E.A.R. forum. Thank you and good luck!

Posted by MattMan on Sunday, June 3 2007
( Reads: 5010 ) (Read More... | 1717 bytes more | {dFb} Clan | Score: 4.94)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : UT2004 Maps: {dFb} UT2004 Server Update
{dFb} Misc. Articles
The {dFb} is happy to announce that we have recently updated our Unreal Tournament 2004 server with two new game types, FreezeTag and Binstagib. In addition we have also added a large amount of new maps, one of which we have made for our new Binstagib game style. Tha map is called {dFb}-OpenArena and is a large open arena and should prove to be a very fun map for gamestyles such as Binstagib. We hope you enjoy this new map and hope to see you all on the server. For larger pics and map download please click on the (Read More...) link below.

Posted by MattMan on Sunday, April 15 2007
( Reads: 6580 ) (Read More... | 927 bytes more | 11 comments | UT2004 Maps | Score: 5)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : {dFb} Clan: {dFb} Counter Strike Server
{dFb} Misc. Articles

The {dFb} have decided to give Counter Strike: Source a shot and have set up a new server. We will be working on the server over the next few weeks adding custom maps, etc.. But the server is up and running and ready for action. If your interested in joining in on the fun click on the (Read More...) link below..

Posted by bkadmin13 on Tuesday, April 10 2007
( Reads: 4317 ) (Read More... | 1148 bytes more | 25 comments | {dFb} Clan | Score: 5)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : Ringtones: New dFb Website (Ringtones)
{dFb} Misc. Articles
WARNING: This site contains adult content.

The dFb are pleased to announce our newest venture, the dFb Ringtones website. You can find the new website HERE!

The content provided on this website is hosted by a third party and is not free, but the price is very reasonable and there is plenty of downloads available.

We hope you enjoy the addition to our websites.

Posted by bkadmin13 on Sunday, February 25 2007
( Reads: 5678 ) (Read More... | 11 comments | Ringtones | Score: 4.44)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : {dFb} Clan: {dFb} F.E.A.R. Server
{dFb} Misc. Articles
The {dFb} have decided to give F.E.A.R. a shot and have set up a new server. We will be working on the server over the next few weeks adding custom maps, etc.. But the server is up and running and ready for action. If your interested in joining in on the fun click on the (Read More...) link below for info and a killer video.


Posted by MattMan on Wednesday, November 29 2006
( Reads: 5282 ) (Read More... | 1251 bytes more | 48 comments | {dFb} Clan | Score: 3.66)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : Pwnage ladder: Congrats To [DoC]
{dFb} Misc. Articles
The winner of the first dFb Pwnage tournament is…. DOC, congrats to DOC. The second place team is RFA, congrats to both teams on a good match. Overall it was a good tournament, there were a few no shows, but we would like to thank all the teams that did play and we hope to see you again in our next tournament.

For winning the Tournament [DoC] received a free 16 man Unreal Tournament server, a complete website package and a TeamSpeak server for 6 months. A 149.99 value! You can visit the [DoC] Here

Posted by MattMan on Monday, November 6 2006
( Reads: 3522 ) (Read More... | 1056 bytes more | 9 comments | Pwnage ladder | Score: 0)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : Pwnage ladder: New dFb Pwnage ladder
{dFb} Misc. Articles
dFb Pwnage Ladder

The time has come to officially open our new Pwnage ladder website to the public.

Everyone is welcome to join and create your own team, you can get to the site by clicking on the following link;

{dFb} PwnageLadder website.

As usual, the site is free, but donations are very much appreciated.

If you have signed up for our main site, you can use the same user name and password for the pwnage site. We hope eveyone enjoys this new website and we appreciate your continued support for us.

Posted by bkadmin13 on Tuesday, October 24 2006
( Reads: 4028 ) (Read More... | 6 comments | Pwnage ladder | Score: 0)

{dFb} Misc. Articles : Unreal Tournament: The first {dFb} Pwnage Tournament.
{dFb} Misc. Articles

dFb Unreal Tournament ladder

Here it is everyone, the very first {dFb} pwnage Tournament. Enter your team if your in a clan or not, for a chance to win a UT99 game server and a website free for 6 months.

The details:

  • When: Nov 4 and 5 Starting at 11:00 Est.
  • Where: dFb UT99 server
  • Server IP
  • Game type and style: Sniper Freestyle, Unreal tournament 99
  • Teams: 5 on 5
  • Number of maps: best of 3
  • Maps to play: {dFb} Head to Head, [BBST] Flat Reverse, agiantarmybedroom[TXT]
  • Final match: best of 5 (maps will be announced at match time)

    Read on for more details about this exciting upcoming tournament.

  • Posted by MattMan on Sunday, August 27 2006
    ( Reads: 4837 ) (Read More... | 1683 bytes more | 9 comments | Unreal Tournament | Score: 5)

    {dFb} Misc. Articles : Unreal Tournament: Kick Ass Desktop Wallpaper
    {dFb} Misc. Articles
    We have just added a great new area to our downloads section of the website. Desktop Wallpaper! You will be able to view and download wallpapers for UT99, UT2k4, UT2k7, and BF2. Some made by our very own members. We will be adding to this section as we find more and more top notch wallpapers. We have also added a new phpNuke download section, be sure to check that out as well.

    UT 2007, we will be renting 2k7 Game Servers Battlefield 2, rent a server from us TODAY!

    Posted by MattMan on Friday, July 28 2006
    ( Reads: 3681 ) (Read More... | 862 bytes more | 15 comments | Unreal Tournament | Score: 0)

    {dFb} Misc. Articles : UT2004: Unreal Tournament 2004
    {dFb} Misc. Articles
    If you like our UT99 server, then you will like the new {dFb} Unreal Tournament 2k4 server. It's set up pretty much just like our UT99 server, offering DM, TDM, CTF, and JB (Jailbreak). We play sniper freestyle but without all the bullshit rules that some people like to setup. Our servers are designed for fun! So please stop by and hop on the servers. See you soon!

    UT 2004, rent a Game Server TODAY

    Posted by MattMan on Wednesday, July 26 2006
    ( Reads: 1985 ) (Read More... | 1173 bytes more | UT2004 | Score: 4.5)

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