Welcome to {dFb}Gaming

We started {dFb}Gaming (Don't Fucken Blink) many years ago as a UT99 sniper clan and quickly grew to one of the most active and popular clans in the cummunity. We then started hosting game servers and websites for many other clans. After years we moved to UT 2004 and then finally UT III with a few games between. But like most stuff all good things must come to an end. There are still a few die hard {dFb} members around and we have decided to keep {dFb}Gaming alive in it's lesser form. Feel free to hop on any of our servers and have fun! We may not be as active as we once were but we still hop on the servers from time to time.

We also provide an old school teamspeak3 server for your speaking pleasure, fuck discord!
TS3 Server Hosted by {dFb}eMac

Don't forget to leave us a message in the shoutbox before you leave!