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Welcome To {dFb} Game & Web Hosting!

   If you're looking for maximum uptime and a secure environment for your digital needs, we have the best system administrators in the business. We also have the best game setup people around. Your needs will be taken care of promptly and it will be done right the first time. Feel free to browse our selection and prices using the navigation bar below. If you are interested in a Team speak server only, or a game you don't see listed here? Contact one of our Staff below and we will get back to you ASAP

{dFb} Game & Web hosting Staff   

Matt Eric Ron Jim

Hosting Packages

Why Choose Us?

  • NO Setup Fees!
  • NO additional charges for custom server name!
  • {dFb} is a name you can trust, ask any of our customers or other clans we have helped!
  • Unsurpassed support is what you get when you purchase a {dFb} server.
  • Knowledgable support staff to help you with any problem you have.
  • Free phpnuke website and Free teamspeak!
  • Low cost pricing plans without sacrificing service.
  • Your server and website will be ready within 24 hours of received payment.
  • Discounts for 6 month contracts

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