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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:41 pm    Post subject: UT2k4 Tweaks Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Secret Loading Screen
When you load a map or movie, you will get 3 different loading screens. One of Tamika and Aryss standing back-to-back, one of Cyclops with a Bio-Rifle, and one of... something else. You can get a Xan loading screen. To get it, browse to C:UT2004 (or wherever your UT2K4 folder is) and enter the System folder. Browse down to user.ini and make a backup of it. Then open it with Notepad. Now press Ctrl+F to open the Find prompt. Search for the term "backgrounds". The first result you get is what you want. Below the word backgrounds will be 4 lines, each with a number at the end. It should like the following:


1-2-2-4. Notice a number missing? 3. Change the number at the end so it reads 1-2-3-4. 3 is the secret loading screen, one of Xan Kriegor that looks VERY cool. You can change it around how you want, personally I deleted all the lines but the 3rd loading screen, so I'll always get the Xan one..

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Usefull help:

.ukx = UT2004\Animations

.ka = UT2004\Karmadata

.ut2 = UT2004\Maps

.uvx = UT2004\Saves

.uax = UT2004\Sounds

.usx = UT2004\StaticMeshes

.utx = UT2004\Textures

.ini, .int, .u, .ucl, .upl, .dll, .det, .frt = UT2004\System.

Unsure about something not listed here? Put it in System.

Tweaking for good performance & gameplay:


<li>The following changes should to be done in the UT2004.ini:


PurgeCacheDays=999 &lt;---- time till cache gets emptyed


CacheSizeMegs=512 &lt;---- how much megabytes are used for cache of ut2k4 change it to about 1/3 of the amount of RAM you have (i put it to 512 because i have 1536 MB RAM)

<li>The following changes should be done in the user.ini:


PlacedCharacterName=Gorge &lt;---- the default male skin (gorge is better detected)

PlacedFemaleCharacterName=Rylisa &lt;---- the default female skin (Rylisa is better detected)

bPlayOwnFootsteps=False &lt;---- Turns off your own footsteps so you hear the enemy better

bPlayerShadows=False &lt;---- Turns off shadows (which increases framerate)

bBlobShadow=False &lt;---- Turns off Blobshadows (which increases framerate)

<li>Settings you should change ingame:

Turning Graficquality down to 16 instead of 32 increases the speed and frames

"Settings / Game / Preload Playerskins" should be deaktivated

<li>Settings you can play arround with and decide on your own if it does any good:

(in the UT2004.ini)








Some more Changes you can make in the USER.INI:


bQuietMenu=True &lt;---- To remove the awful menu sounds

bNoToolTips=True &lt;---- To remove the grey description boxes in the menus


bPlayOwnFootSteps=False &lt;---- Removing your own footstep sounds


TotalUnlockedCharacters=Malcolm;ClanLord;Xan &lt;---- To unlock all characters

Removing nvidia logo start-up screen:

Replace ... LocalMap=NvidiaLogo.ut2 With .... LocalMap=NoIntro.ut2

Removing ambient sounds (raindrops / footsteps):


Changing UT2004 Boot Splash Screen:

Go to your \UT2004\Help directory and make a backup copy of the UT2004Logo.bmp file. You can now replace this with any picture you like, give it the name UT2004Logo.bmp (make sure it's saved as a bitmap picture though), and it will load instead each time you run UT2004. Copying the InstallerLogo.bmp file in the same directory and rename it to UT2004Logo.bmp, looks much better.

To unlock hidden Xan Loading Screen

This loading screen looks a bit shit, its basically a black Xan, and before you think it, no its not the same as the Xan loading screen with biorifle. Find this bit in your user.ini






Change the second 2 (highlighted) to a three.


mouse sensitivity bind:

N.B. This is for a one-key sensitivity bind. You could just have it on 2 different keys with plain old setsensitivity=1.5 or whatever.

Aliases[36]=(Command="setsensitivity 1.5 | set input f1 high",Alias="low")

Aliases[37]=(Command="setsensitivity 5.0 | set input f1 low",Alias="high")



Aliases[38]=(Command="getweapon xweapons.shieldgun | Button bFire | OnRelease Jump",Alias="sjump")


Shield Protect bind:

MiddleMouse=switchweapon 1 | button baltfire | onrelease switchtolastweapon


Theres two ways of binding weapon switches in UT2004

1. Using the getweapon command + the weapon name

(PageUp=getweapon Onslaught.ONSAVRiL)

2. Using the switchweapon command + the weapon number

(PageUp=SwitchWeapon 0)

To bind more than one weapon to a key you have to use the "pipedswitchweapon command".

Insert=PipedSwitchweapon 7 | PipedSwitchWeapon 6

PageUp=getweapon Onslaught.ONSAVRiL | PipedSwitchWeapon 4

note: If ONS is your gametype then you have several new weapons to bind e.g. minelayer, avril etc. Unfortunately these do not have thier own number and are instead grouped with other weapons like the rocket launcher and flak cannon (see number list below). This can completely mess up your binds if you don't plan it out properly. If you want to bind the avril to a key a on its own (i.e. without RocketLauncher also) then you HAVE to use the getweapon + name command.

Sounds complicated but just play with it u'll see what i mean.

Weapon names


















Switchweapon Numbers

1 shield gun

2 assault rifle

3 biorifle / mine layer

4 shock rifle

5 link gun

6 minigun

7 flack/ granade

8 rocket/ avril

9 sniper/ lightning

0 ion/ deemer

Legal zoom bind:

This assumes your standard fov is 100 (i think game default is 90).

Aliases[37]=(Command="fov 80 | | setsensitivity 0.5 | set input Comma stdfov",Alias="snipefov")

Aliases[38]=(Command="fov 100 | | setsensitivity 3 | set input Comma snipefov",Alias="stdfov")

Show/ unshow weapon:

Switches between hidden and center hand with one button.

Aliases[35]=(Command="SetWeaponHand hidden |set input Period wepon",Alias="wepoff")

Aliases[36]=(Command="SetWeaponHand center | set input Period wepoff",Alias="wepon")

Vehicle Position Switch in ONS:

You can do this with aliases as well, but its kind of a waste when you can use txt files. What you do is create 3 txt files (named 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt or whatever you want). If you use the standad 123 to switch weapons i guess you wont need this, but i use the arrow keys to navigate and having one button to scroll through vehicle positions is handy

In 1.txt write:

switchweapon 1 | set input NumPad2 exec 2.txt

In 2.txt write:

switchweapon 2 | set input NumPad2 exec 3.txt

In 3.txt write:

switchweapon 3 | set input NumPad2 exec 1.txt

Then in user.ini NumPad2=exec 1.txt

So, in Hellbender press Numpad2 once and u got to front turret, press it twice you go to rear gun and press it 3 times you go back to being driver. You might need to go up to four text files for the Levithan thingy, but i dunno

Alternate vehicle horns:

Every vehicle has two horns. By default the horn is bound to semicolon (; ).

in your user.ini it will probably say:

;=playvehiclehorn 0

However, every vehicle also has a funny horn, which you can use by binding "playvehiclehorn 1" to a key

e.g. x=playvehiclehorn 1

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
I was wondering about the no footsteps when i change it will it work online? Also how can i make it work on line?? Thanks alot
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
this looks real good! will try it.
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