jonno yo, cool site! how about that airline food or something
MattMan LoL
[RIIP]TRiPP MAN I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Mattman you suck! ;)
Prom Eric, Prom and Gina enjoying uk Sundown Festival.
dfbjimmyz What up dfb!?!
GatoVuelta Amazing server, hidden gem, can you send a discord link?
Dragostini Hey guys, got some questions for ya. Easier explained on voice, so I'm idle on your TS. Please drag me to a channel, or just hit me up in the Lobby when someone is around. I'll stay idle.
{dFb}eMac Yo Baba! Hope you're doing alright. We're a few years older but some of us in dFb still hang out. Mostly idling on TeamSpeak :laugh:
Baba 20 years
Baba Wow. 2 years have gone by. Hope you're all doing well.
p455w0rd w0rd bitches
Berserker 666
[FFK]GameOver OK thanks
{dFb}eMac A lot of us still have the game installed but we don't play. Sean (in chat) does still play though.
[FFK]GameOver Do you still play? If so I'm interested. I'll check back here in a few days. Thanks
=(V)=~Sean~ I have invited a few folks from the SFL - Snipers For Life Clan to pop in to TS and possibly play a game or two on their server or the Don't Fuckin' Blink one. So you lil bitches better show up.