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Unreal Tournament 3 : Unreal Tournament 3: {dFb} UT3 Custom Mods!

The {dFb} are proud to announce the arrival of three new custom mods for Unreal Tournament 3. {dFb}eMac has worked hard to put these together and they have been made available for public use.

  • Sniper Rifle - Highly configurable, this gun will allow you to conifigure anything from the firing rate to the weapon replacements and everything in between.
  • Translocater - This configurable stealth translocator produces no flash when translocating. Sounds and other variables can be turned on or off.
  • Spawn Protection - Configurable spawn protection allows you to set the amount of time to allow one to be protected, custom messages, etc.

    Click the (Read More...) link below for download links and additional information.

    These mods have NOT been decked out with {dFb} textures or sounds. They have default sounds and textures so they will look good on any server!

    All UT3 mods can be downloaded from our DOWNLOAD section.

    NOTE: You must be a registered user to download anything from your downloads section.

    Discuss these mods in our forum HERE

  • Posted on Thursday, November 29 @ 21:46:00 CST by MattMan

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    {dFb} UT3 Custom Mods!

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